How much do your services cost?

All of our services are scalable to exactly meet your budget requirements.  Our clients set an initial design and a monthly marketing budget and we then design a powerful and precise marketing program that ensures positive return on investment.  Smaller businesses start with us and then quickly expand their budget as their businesses grow. Larger businesses usually begin with an initial design and monthly budget for internet marketing and then shift their entire marketing budget to Atlanta Web and SEO after they experience the results.  Smaller businesses experience manageable growth they need and larger businesses enjoy higher profitability through more effective marketing results.

Why should I use Atlanta Web and SEO?

We provide websites and internet marketing that works. We build our solutions around your budget.  All of our projects reach completion. We are local to Atlanta.  We never charge you for things you do not need. All of our clients love us (you’re welcome to call them and ask). We are dedicated to making your marketing efforts work. If you make money, we make money through referrals.  We started with our first client over 10 years ago and they still use Atlanta Web and SEO for 100% of their marketing efforts.  In fact, we very rarely lose a client.

Another company has quoted me a really low price for a website - should I use them?

Websites and internet marketing can be deceiving.  Low price solutions are similar to a cardboard cut out of a Ferrari.  It might look like a Ferrari but it's just a picture of one.  The magic of a website occurs behind the scenes in the programming and search engine optimization. We analyze your target market, look at your competitors and then design a highly effective solution that makes your website a lead generator in the market.  So, be careful with low-cost front end solutions.

Another company has guaranteed top 10 placement on Google, should I use them?

There are unfortunately several companies that use unethical practices to try to “trick” the google algorithm into showing your website. Google and other search engines consistently update their web spiders to detect these unethical practices. If your website is found using unethical or black hat SEO practices, your website will be degraded and marked negatively on the internet. The worst part is that it is very hard to change this issue.  So, as a result your domain and website can become worthless.  Inexperienced web developers can also leave your website vulnerable to virus insertions. If your website becomes contaminated with a virus Google will also mark it negatively.

We will work with you to provide an ethical and secure website to meet your budget. A professionally designed website will pay for itself hundreds of times over.

Another web design firm claimed they owned all the images and information on my website due to copyright. Who owns the content if you create our website?

Atlanta Web and SEO always creates powerful websites and content that you fully own. If for any reason you decide not to use our services anymore (very few do), we will help you transfer all your files, logins and passwords to you or we will work directly with your new vendor. We believe that if you always do the right thing, then our clients will continue to grow.

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